Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Commitment ...

For anyone who might be compiling a dossier on me (hi, Bush administration!), allow me to reveal the following heretofore-top-secret information:

I like to sleep.

Long ago, in the mists of antiquity (as English Teacher Dave likes to say), I was a super-sleeper. Like my nephews today, I was able to slumber into the double digits: 11 a.m., 12 p.m.

I honestly can't remember what I possibly could have been doing that made me so tired, but I would sleep and sleep and sleep.

These days, now that I am old (seriously, I often have to place my hand on my lower back when I stand up to help me finish the job), I can't sleep past 8 a.m., even if I go to bed at 7:59.

And most days, I'm up by 7, usually much earlier.

Today, though, I was up at 5:20, then dozed until 5:40 and then I was up, dressed, and laced (shoes, not corset) before 6 a.m.

Because mom was coming by to go for a walk.

Mom walks every morning. At 66, she's in the best shape of her life. And she has far more commitment than me.

I have plenty of intention but it's far easier to smack the snooze button than it is to get up and walk.

Mind you, just a couple days after the walk (after giving my body a couple days to rest), I logged six miles. The next day, I logged four and then did legs at the gym. So I can and do walk. I just don't tend to do it really early in the morning.

But finishing the 3-Day was the motivation I needed to recommit to the cardio portion of my fitness plan. Brandon is doing a good job of sculpting my muscles (even if he does make me do those frickin' tricep extensions I so dearly hate), so now it's up to me to melt off the fat that's preventing the world from seeing his handiwork.

Which probably means that I shouldn't be walking to Starbucks to get a hazelnut soy latte at 6 a.m. But did I mention that it was really early? And that I went to bed after midnight? So I needed a jolt.

But I won't jolt every day.

I can't afford it.

(But this is nifty: The chick at Starbucks told me that if you use a registered Starbucks card to pay for your beverages, they deduct the upcharges for soy and syrup. This began a month or two ago, she said. I don't buy coffee that often these days, so it was news to me. And now, perhaps, it's news to you. But for $.70 a cup, perhaps it's worth loading a card, eh?)


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