Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walk This Way ...

I was off this past Tuesday. I took the day off because I had a hair appointment that was going to last a couple hours and I had plans to see Coldplay that night with Steve, which meant that I also had plans to have a drink or two before the show, because Steve is very social that way.

With no work that morning, I went for my usual two-mile jaunt to the post office and back. That's my standard walk most days. Two miles. No big whoop. I could certainly do more if I tried, but it's more than most people walk these days.

I headed downtown and parked for the day at Doreen's compound, a lovely community of town homes and mid-rises and a high-rise right along the Chicago river. From there, I walked to my salon. Once my hair was bouncin' and behavin', I skipped over to Michigan Avenue in search of something to wear to the concert that night. (The black T-shirt I was wearing was decidedly boring.)

Several stops along Boul Mich left me empty-handed, but I finally scored at Nordstrom's. That, however, meant that I had a large shopping bag in addition to my purse.

So I did what any sane concert-goer would do: I went to the Hotel Intercontinental, nabbed a handicapped stall, and changed into that evening's new top. And then, at the little make-up counter in the bathroom, I floofed my hair and proceeded to put everything I'd need for the rest of the evening into my pockets. I really hate showing up at a concert with a purse.

Once I'd pared everything down to the essentials, I headed back toward my car to put my purse and my bag in the trunk. Then I headed to Steve's building (very near where I'd been shopping) to pick him up for our scheduled imbibing.

When he walked up to me in the lobby, I knew all bets were off. He was sick. Food poisoning, the poor thing. So I walked with him to Walgreen's to procure Gatorade and Sprite and other assorted provisions, then walked him to his building near Navy Pier, then started dialing like mad on my cell, trying to find someone who could use the other Coldplay ticket on very short notice.

I walked while I talked to everyone's voicemail, heading toward the United Center. And I walked while I talked to the people who called back. And at some point, I realized that I had walked so far that I'd feel like an idiot hailing a cab for the final few blocks, so I just kept walking.

On Wednesday, I queried MapQuest to get a rough sense of my mileage for the day. I figured I had to have walked about 10 miles. MapQuest returned a total of 10.08. Holy crap, I'm a good estimator.

It produced a little mapped route for me, but given that it was based on driving, not walking, it wasn't entirely accurate.

So I made my own version. Which isn't 100 percent accurate either, as I couldn't easily denote which streets I walked on twice, so in some cases, I nudged my route by a block. But this gives you the general idea. (You can click on it to make it bigger if you're the type who's really into details.)

And it's a good thing that I ended up walking 12 miles total that day, because work got crazy for the rest of the week and I hardly walked at all. But I got a week's worth of walking in in one afternoon. Even if the shoes I was wearing weren't expressly made for walking.


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