Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Dream Brought To You By ...

OK, so I understand why Paul Anka was in my dream last night: I recently watched the episode of "Gilmore girls" that featured "the real" Paul Anka and "the dog" Paul Anka.

I do not, however, understand why, in my dream, "the real" Paul Anka was relegated to sleeping on a love seat with his feet hanging over the side.

He did, however, look very natty in his blue-on-blue satin suit with high Nehru collar.

That's not what he slept in. That's what he wore when he was awake. He slept in a burgundy waffle-weave Henley. That's the part I saw underneath the afghan. I couldn't tell you about his choice of bottoms.

All of which is well and good and dream-like, but none of which explains the very lengthy appearance of Geraldo Rivera in the same dream.


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