Sunday, July 13, 2008

'Stop-Loss' ...

This movie was an automatic must-see because Ciarán is in it and I see everything Ciarán is in. And my Irish friend turns in a damn fine Texan accent in addition to yet another performance that leaves me shaking my head that he can convey so much without saying a word. He has amazing eyes.

The movie itself was hard for me to watch because it's such an intimate depiction of what soldiers are enduring today, both while deployed and when they return home. I was practically sobbing at the end.

It only made $10 million in this country, and I think it was another casualty – if you'll forgive the expression – of our collective war fatigue. Or our collective suppression of something that's so horrific that it's best to not really contemplate the actual goings-on.

But it surely cemented my desire to become an active participant in Boods For Soldiers, to do what little I can to make their lives better in some small ways.


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