Monday, July 28, 2008

Love By 10:30 A.M., Guaranteed? ...

The thing is, I work from home and I live alone, which pretty much snuffs out any chance that I'm going to meet someone at the office.

Unless I feel a thunderbolt when the next FedEx guy shows up at my door, odds are I'm not going to meet anyone job-related. Then again, maybe I don't want to consider dating anyone who has "Ex" built into the equation.

Lately, I don't get out as much as I'd like to. Blame the cost of gas. Blame busy work weeks and the desire to just collapse on the couch by the time Friday night rolls around. Blame everyone's jammed calendars. Or just blame me for not being creative.

But hey, I saw three movies this weekend! Yessirree, sitting in a dark theater being silent is a sure-fire way to meet Mr. Right!

I cannot, in any way, shape, or form, stomach the idea of online dating again. Ugh. I'd sooner have my gums scraped.

I'm no fan of online dating, can you tell? Too needle-in-a-haystack-y. Fix-ups/blind dates are dicey propositions. You'd think that your friends and family would be the best equipped to pair you up with prospective dates, and sometimes such situations aren't horrible, but sometimes you walk away thinking, "Why did s/he think I'd be interested in him?! Do they know me at all?"

I have tentative plans to meet someone tomorrow. We "met" online years and years ago and have made a couple attempts at actually meeting face to face, but none of those have ever come to fruition. Tomorrow, though, he has a five-hour layover in Chicago on his way overseas, and hey, who doesn't want to hang out in baggage claim and sit a spell? What? They have Starbucks kiosks down there.

We'll see if all the stars align to make it so. I'll let you know.

My friend Linda once told me I should get a part-time job in a camera store – or did she tell me to loiter in a camera store? – in order to meet men. Her reasoning was that I'm attracted to creative types, and guys who frequent camera stores would be likely to be creative and reasonably smart – what's an f-stop, anyway? – and have some semblance of disposable income if they were buying camera gear.

I never did become a camera junkie, but I was charmed by her way of thinking. Not every opportunity to meet men exists in a bar – gack! – or a club – gack gack! – or the office.

Which got me wondering: If you're part of a couple, where and how did you meet your significant other? When you were single, what methods did you try to meet someone? Which did you like? Which did you hate?


Blogger J. Marquis said...

Good luck tomorrow!

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you live in Chicago; take public transportation! Hop the el for a change, maybe you'd meet somebody and also save on gas money!

8:08 PM  
Blogger OneMan said...

At a freshman mixer the second day of college.... Oh the BS that saved me in life.

8:05 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

My wife and I met at work and we've been together 23 years.

It's funny, I saw a help wanted sign at Kit's Cameras today and thought of you...

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Interesting. But hey, if you find love by 10:30 am statistics show you have a 50% chance of finding divorce by 4:00 pm. Not to be a downer buy hey...

11:02 AM  

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