Sunday, July 20, 2008

Late For Breakfast ...

I started writing my last post (see below) with the thought that I would include Late For Breakfast as part of my telling of an aural journey, but, as I am wont to do, I blathered on at such length that it hardly seemed fair to include them at the end of such a long post when the post was really meant to be about them in the first place. So, without further ado, let me try again:

Once upon a time, I happened upon a podcast, the Explore Your Voice Show, the product of three charming and affable folks sitting behind mics in Melbourne, Australia. I blogged about the show but hadn't yet tried the course for which the podcast was meant to drum up business.

But a few months ago, I ponied up through PayPal and gave the course a whirl. And I liked it. But then it fell off my radar and each month, when I'd pay my credit card statement, I'd think, "Oh, I should probably cancel that until I have time to focus on it."

So the other day, I tried to cancel but I have having issues. So I wrote to Michael Oliphant, one of the lovely podcast people, and he replied and offered help, and I replied to thank him, and the next thing we knew, we were trading e-mails about singing.

(A few months back, my friend Brian asked, "What is it about you, Beth? You meet these people and you become friends with them." Heck if I know. And I wouldn't presume to call Michael a friend, but I do tend to strike up interesting exchanges with people, at the very least.)

Michael's band is Late For Breakfast. You can sample their EP on the band's home page or check out a brief compilation video (I like the posterized art) here or below.

And, of course, they have the obligatory MySpace page.

Michael, second from left, supplies vocals and keyboards. Late For Breakfast also features Roger McLachlan (LFB's bassist who is also part of the podcast trio and also a member of Little River Band, or LRB for short; Roger appears to like being a part of bands whose acronyms start with L and end with B), Gerry Pantazis (a most-excellent drummer), and Greg Clarkson (a saxophonist who can give David Sanborn a serious run for his money).

In our e-mail exchange, I told Michael that they sound like Steely Dan, but different. "Michelle" gets into quite an R&B groove whereas "Kiss The Sea" is reminiscent, especially on the chorus, of Pat Metheny. "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" calls to mind Michael Franks. Michael's piano intro on "Someone Said" reminds me of Keith Jarrett (until Roger's very cool bass takes over) while "Single" has a bit of an Al Jarreau feel. And yet, it all adds up to Late For Breakfast.

The band's EP is available on iTunes and elsewhere. The album is due out later this year.



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