Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guitar Dos and Don'ts ...

While I have yet to embark on my own guitar education – soon, soon, or as soon as my nails stop looking so fabulous; it's be a shame to cut them all off at the moment – I marvel, regularly, at those who can play, really play.

So I took an immediate shine – no, shine isn't really the word; it was more than a shine, it was a blinding glare – to Danny Elfman's "The Little Things" from "Wanted," the Angelina Jolie event that isn't taking place in Nice but rather in a theater near you.

I haven't seen the movie – I'll get around to it one of these days, I'm sure; vive le Netflix! – but I heard the tune and I immediately bought the tune and I immediately synched my iPod so I could immediately go for a walk with the tune because, hoo baby, if this tune doesn't get your blood pumping and your feet moving, I don't know what will.

Give a listen (you can skip the video; it's not cut together very well; but then again, if you're a guy – or a chick who's hot for Angelina – you won't care about the editing, you'll just gawk at the guns, Angelina's and the weapons):

Danny Elfman is the coolest, isn't he? Really, he needs to sing more in addition to composing.

But that guitar lick! Hello! I LOVE it!

Contrast that, then, with this this little ditty by the Danish Mirah. It's a free mp3 download through Amazon until July 14, because the album is available July 15.

Warning: Keep some Kleenex nearby, because this song possesses the mighty aural ability to induce spontaneous ear-bleeding.

I mean, seriously.

As I've said before, hey, I'm not getting out there and doing my thing, musically, so far be it from me to judge artists, but I think Mirah has a pleasant-enough voice. I have no quibble with her vocal talent.

But that guitar "playing." What is that? It's like sawing through metal. It's almost unbearable.

So I'm supposed to believe that Mirah and whomever else was involved with the production of her album sat around the studio and heard that mix and all nodded their heads and said, "Yeah, now that should be the single we release to entice people to buy this disc!"

I'd rather listen to Björk. And if you know me at all, you know that I never, ever want to voluntarily listen to Björk. But if it end of the world was nigh and the only two musical acts left were Björk and her odd caterwauling and Mirah and her guitar homicide, I'd make Björk a very rich woman.

Björk is from Iceland. Mirah is from Denmark. What's in the water in that part of the world? (And check out Mirah's album art. What's goin' on there?)


Anonymous Cannon said...

That may be the first real signature I've heard in a guitar solo since The Edge, circa Achtung, Baby. I think producers are trending a little toward the milquetoast in that respect lately, and Elfman's a nice change. And we will see the movie--eventually. The genius of Jolie is that she tends to pick roles where her character inflicts pain and devastation on every male in sight. Women viewers eat it up. Male viewers eat it up. Just ask Dave.

9:54 PM  

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