Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Back To Form ...

Just walked my usual two-mile route and clocked a 12 1/2-minute mile.

At that pace, I could walk the Chicago Marathon and complete it in 5:45.

Tonight's pace isn't my best time, but I'm getting close again.


Anonymous Ethan said...

Is that purely via walking? No intermittent jogging?

If so, wow, is that fast. My record was 14.5 minutes and I was really pounding out a 4 mph stride. If I tossed in some jogging it was faster, of course.

These days, it's too hot/sunny for walking, so I am biking more. Figure I make more of a moving target. I use 70 SPF sunscreen but that only protects against so much. More on that story later when I crank out another "fitness update" article.

Keep on truckin!

10:52 PM  

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