Thursday, June 19, 2008

Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Ravinia ...

Tonight was my first-ever Ravinia concert on the sprawling lawn.

It was also my last.

The "convenient" express train from downtown took more than 50 minutes to arrive at Ravinia's gate. Then we had to wait for our train to depart and another to arrive and depart before we could cross the tracks to the park itself.

Luckily, Gretchen and Norberto were already there and had snagged space, but space far away from the pavilion and not really near speakers, to boot. They would have grabbed space closer if they'd been able to, but they were stuck in traffic and then on the shuttle bus to the park.

Did I mention it was freezing? I wedged myself into the gift shop, along with about 50 other shoppers, all in the market for sweatshirts. Happily, unlike most venues, Ravinia is not in the habit of raping people: My hooded sweatshirt was only $29.95.

We noshed on our dinner (thanks, you two!) and half-listened to the opening act, but by the time Robert Plant and Alison Krauss took the stage, we were already itching to go.

The thing of it is, sitting on the lawn at Ravinia and listening to the music is almost exactly like sitting in your yard and listening to a CD.

Doreen and I hopped the first train back to the city, the 9:38. Not an express train. And we got back downtown in less time than it took us to get out there in the first place.

As we were leaving the grounds, though, Robert did launch into a bit of "In The Mood" from The Principle Of Moments.

And that made the night almost worth it.

That and laughing with my friends.

Next time, though, I want pavilion seats or none at all.


Blogger Chuck said...

To quote Woody Allen, "You'd be a lot of fun on a camping trip."

10:34 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

: o )

I camp every year when I do the 3-Day.

And I would have had more fun last night if I'd been better prepared for the cold.

Or if I could actually see the stage.

But generally, yeah, me and camping ain't best friends.

10:38 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

My main bitch about outdoor concerts is how so many people never, ever shut up. Or they bring their kids and play with them through the whole show. Very distracting.

10:51 PM  

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