Monday, June 30, 2008

I, Sucketh ...

So here it is, June 30, a little after 9 p.m.

What are the odds that I'm going to read a book in the next 2 hours and 55 minutes?

Hmm. Right. None. There are no odds. I am oddsless. Odds-free.

The year is half over, if you measure by months, at midnight, and I haven't managed to meet my one-fiction-book-a-month challenge each month. Some months, but not all months. And we're only talking about six months.

I started a couple books but nothing held my interest for long. My brain just isn't on books lately.

At the moment, my brain is being semi-occupied by watching "Flight of the Conchords." It's one of those shows that has some really funny moments, but on balance, I'm finding it to be a bit of a one-note wonder. Which is very much the way I feel about "Curb Your Enthusiasm," too.

Must be an HBO theme with me.

Though the song "Business Time" cracks me up. My hat is off to anyone who can write a song with these lyrics:

Then we're in the bathroom,
Brushing our teeth
That's all part of the foreplay,
Our love foreplay
Then you sort out the recycling
That isn't part of the foreplay process,
but it's still very important

And this song, about love ... and tape:

Love is like a roll of tape
It's real good for making two things one
But just like the roll of tape,
Love sometimes breaks off before you were done
Another way that love is like tape, that I've noticed,
Is sometimes it's hard to see the end

Love. It really is like tape. As Bret says, love is the strongest adhesive.


Anonymous Alison said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up. It's fine to challenge yourself, but sometimes your heart's not in it, nor your brain, and in that case you need to shake off the feeling of failure and try again.

(But I totally know how you feel.)

10:25 PM  

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