Monday, June 16, 2008

Boss Moments ...

Earlier today, I started poking around YouTube, hoping to find a clip of Springsteen performing "Reason to Believe" from the Devils and Dust tour.

I saw that tour both in Detroit the night before the album was released and in Chicago, a month or so later.

Both times, Bruce opened with this tune. It was completely spellbinding then. And it still is, now. And it sounds nothing like the cut from "Nebraska." As I wrote here the day after the show in Detroit, "The first tune wasn't so much a tune as it was art. The man sings with his soul." See for yourself:

I sent the link to New John and he watched some of the other related videos and sent this link to me. Bruce. Performing live. On the street. In Copenhagen. Because all the cool stuff happens in Denmark:

It's a fabulously sensual song to sing, but the lyrics make it very much a guy song.

Not that I'd ever presume to sing a Springsteen cover.


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