Wednesday, May 14, 2008

W Talk ...

My buddy Bill, fellow blogger and fellow newspaper-type person, pointed out on his blog today that W has 250 days left in office.

In honor of this "milestone," I thought I'd dust off the ol' George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown page-a-day calendar (a Christmas gift from L.A. Dave), and rummage around for some shiny gems from the past few months.

Of course, I was not disappointed.

Here, then, a smattering of Bushisms for your very much president-mocking pleasure:

"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught seven and a half pound largemouth bass in my lake."
— In German newspaper Bild am Sonntag about the best moment of his presidency, May 2006

"The point now is how do we work together to achieve important goals. And one such goal is democracy in Germany."
— Washington, D.C., May 5, 2006

"This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating."
The New York Daily News, April 23, 2003

"My job is to, like, think beyond the immediate."
— Washington, D.C., April 21, 2004

"Sometimes when I sleep at night I think of [Dr. Seuss'] Hop on Pop."
— Washington, D.C., April 2, 2008, discussing education

"The relations with, uhh—Europe are important relations, and they've, uhh—because, we do share values. And, they're universal values, they're not American values or, you know—European values, they're universal values. And those values—uhh—being universal, ought to be applied everywhere."
— Washington, D.C., 2005

"The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself."
— Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 29, 2003

As you know, if you terrorize yourself too much, you'll go blind.

And my personal favorite, to date:

"Because he's hiding."
— Aboard Air Force One, discussing why Osama bin Laden is still at large, January 2005


Blogger Mercurie said...

Every time I read quite a few George W. quotes, I have to wonder how he ever got elected to begin with!

6:41 PM  
Blogger J Paul said...

Sadly, he's probably right about the best moment.


10:47 PM  

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