Monday, May 12, 2008

'Relative Madness' ...

As I did for Design Star last year (and hopefully again this year, when the time comes), I'm writing a show-specific blog for

The latest show? Relative Madness on SOAPnet.

So far, I've only seen (and blogged about) one episode, but there are five more to come, each tackling its own slice of the family pie. I will, however, be posting on other related – badump bump! – topics once a week, too.

Think your family is a bucket full of crazy? You're not alone. Not everyone is Ozzy, but every family has its share of reality show-worthy moments.

Relative Madness rounds up the brood and shines a light on all the warm-and-fuzzy family goings on in our celeb-obsessed culture.

Come on. You know you want to watch.

Save your Proust for the bus where it will impress a prospective spouse.


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