Friday, May 09, 2008

Cupcake, Thy Name Is Cuteness ...

People who know me know: cookies are my thing.

But tonight, I spontaneously spent three hours decorating cupcakes.

Do not be misled: This was no schmear-and-sprinkle hack job.

Tonight, under the tutelage of Karen Tack, I created cupcake art.

I've blogged about Karen and her partner in cupcake crime, Alan Richardson, in the past, but tonight, she was at Sur La Table on Walton, imparting her cupcake wisdom to the eager and willing.

I wasn't scheduled for the hands-on class, but Karen and I have been in touch since I interviewed her for a cookie-decorating story last year, so I met up with her this afternoon and she asked if I could stay and take the class.

Why not? What good is being on vacation if you can't elect to while away an evening turning cupcakes into sunflowers and sharks and spaghetti?

I took pictures of my creations with my camera phone, but a) the quality isn't great, and b) despite sending said pictures from my phone to my computer, most have yet to arrive, and, knowing Verizon, most never will. But I'll still be charged for them.

Anyway, here's my cupcake brood, a little worse for the wear after a ride home in a bakery box, but you get the idea.

Yes, I made these. (And so can you.) Isn't that insane? Karen demonstrated the techniques for each, then we went to our stations to craft our cupcakes.

The woman really is an artist. The book features Van Gogh's "Starry Night" rendered in frosting. Damn if it doesn't look just like the original.

Karen, however, has both her ears.

The point is, I'm a cookie girl. But I was able to churn out each of these with relatively little effort. Though as I piped the "fur" onto the Westie, I said, "If I ever make these for my kid's birthday party, he better only have two friends."

Of course, I don't have a kid at the moment, and I'm sure, with practice, I'd get much quicker at turning out a litter of cupcake puppies.

Note that the shark is about to eat the sleeping girl, who has black curly hair because I was born with black curly hair. And is the spaghetti and meatball cupcake not the most brilliant thing you've ever seen? The meatball is a Ferrero Roche hazelnut chocolate. The shark is a portion of a Twinkie "glued" to a cupcake then dipped in grey icing. The centers of the sunflowers are Oreo cookies. The ladybugs are M&Ms.

Karen is the cutest, sweetest, kindest, funniest (insert your favorite superlative here) woman ever. After class, we hung out in her hotel's bar for a couple hours, swapping stories and swilling wine like we'd known each other forever.

Do yourself a favor and buy the book (which is headed straight for the New York Times' bestseller list), or better yet, catch Karen at one of her many events.

You, too, will transform into a cupcake queen quicker than you can say "canned frosting."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen! TB

4:24 PM  

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