Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New (To Me) Music!, Part 2 ...

New John has been at it again.

Yesterday on IM, he popped up with, "Are you into Pete Yorn?"

"Don't know him," I said.

"You're kidding?"

Actually, it turned out that I had a Pete Yorn track in my iTunes, from a soundtrack, but I had never noticed his name before. So John transferred a couple songs to me.

He started with "Come Back Home."

"HOLY CRAP!", I wrote. "He sounds exactly like Eddie Vedder!"

The first few lines of the song, anyway. Once the tune kicks in, it's definitely not the second coming of Pearl Jam.

John encouraged me to run ... not walk ... to go buy the full album, "Day I Forgot."

I meant to do just that, last night, but I forgot. And then I thought about running to the mall to buy it tonight, but since I already have a couple of the tracks digitally, I bought the balance on iTunes. And saved myself approximately $75 worth of gas in the process. Isn't that what a gallon is going for these days?

The vocal stylings of Mr. Would-Be Eddie Vedder return on "Carlos (Don't Let It Go To Your Head)." For that matter, Yorn's guitar is very Vedder-esque in that tune. Very cool riffs.

So, Pete Yorn, kids. If you're behind the curve like me and this man hasn't crossed your radar yet, give him a listen. He's widely available on iTunes.

Sample everything, but if you buy only one tune, I'd suggest "Carlos ...". It hooks you immediately and doesn't let go.


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