Monday, April 21, 2008

Hugs For Emily ...

At the top of this month, I added my blog to the circle of bloggers putting out the word about Emily, the little girl with a brain tumor.

Three weeks later, Emily is about to begin her chemo treatments in Boston.

Today on the other Emily's blog, I learned that bracelets are now available for those who want to make a contribution and show their support. (If they're good enough for Lance Armstrong, they're good enough for Emily!)

I also read this:

We want to let Emily know how many people out there are thinking of her and wanting to wrap their arms around her in a big hug! If you’d like to participate, trace your hand on a piece of paper (preferably something a little bit thicker than your printer paper), and cut it out. Then decorate it however you would like and write your best wishes, thoughts and prayers to little Emily and her family. Then, send them to:

Kelin Dotts
5010 Hill Street
La Canada, California 91011

She will punch holes in them and string them all together so that Katie and Brian can hang them around her room. This will be a visual reminder of how many of us are praying for & embracing little Emily. We would like to be able to work on this and get them mailed to the Mandell family within the next couple of weeks so please spread the word and get your hand mailed out as soon as possible!

No time like the present. I rummaged through my bin of crafty bits (hey, my nephews and niece used to like to color and cut out snowflakes and stuff) and decided to make my hand with doubled-up green construction paper, in honor of Emily's favorite color. (It's mine, too.)

And once I was done decorating my green hand with a little poem and stickers and tiny hearts, I realized that my offering looked less like a happy hug and more like the severed hand of The Incredible Hulk.

Not so warm and fuzzy, that. So I sandwiched yellow and pink construction paper together and cut out a new hand, and started again. I was happily gluing tiny pink hearts to the yellow side when I realized my that my heart-dotted hand was starting to look like it was infected with chicken pox. (I don't normally suck at crafty things, really.) So I eased up on the tiny pink hearts. Less is more, after all.

I encourage everyone to release their inner five-year-old and make a hand for Emily. It will brighten her room, and anyway, you know you want an excuse to break out the glue and scissors.


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