Monday, March 10, 2008

The Slacking, The Slacking ...

I could say that I've just been too busy to post. That would be true. Kinda. A little.

Last week was indeed a bit crazed, and I spent a good chunk of Saturday working, trying to catch up on some of the work I didn't get to during the first half of the week. Likewise was my plan for Sunday.

Ah, yes, plans. Funny things.

I didn't quite get around to doing any work yesterday. I meant to. Honest, I did. But I told myself that I could watch one episode of Season 7 of Gilmore girls and the next thing I knew, I was popping in the last disc. Mind you, I didn't watch all of Season 7 yesterday. That would have been excessive. But I did watch a few discs' worth. (I really didn't like the way the new writers wrapped up the show. I hold out hope for a Gg movie.)

And today, I hit the ground running again and just turned off my PC moments ago. (I have a PC for my "job," but I remain a dyed-in-the-wool Mac gal in every other aspect of my life.)

From whence comes the dedication, Beth?, you're no doubt asking yourself. And the answer is this:

On Friday, I'm hopping a plane to NYC to see Ciarán in the play he's in and I really want to have everything on my "Open" list crossed off before I head for the airport.

So if that means working until after 10 p.m. every night this week, so be it. It's not that I won't be able to have fun if I know that I have work to do, but it's always such a nice thing to be able to settle into a seat on an airplane and exhale fully.

Ciarán and I haven't seen each other in more than four years, which makes me chuckle. In the time since I last saw him, a person could have started at a four-year college, earned a degree, and started grad school.

But like he said the other night, life gets busy and time goes by. In chunks, apparently. Large chunks. Frighteningly large chunks.

Ciarán, of course, is Irish. We were talking about how busy he's been over the past few years and he said, "Yeah, I've been lucky to keep getting work."

I suggested that his talent might have a little something to do with his never-ending bookings, to which he demurred because he's that kind of guy. But he did point out that he doesn't do horror films. And he's never done a real sci-fi flick, either.

L.A. Dave pointed out that a true Western is missing from Ciarán's filmography, as is a Disney film, so we decided that I should write a mash-up movie that covers all those bases.

And because L.A. Dave and I are great intellects, we cracked ourselves up in writing this title: Horrifying Irish Cowboy Mouse From Space.

I think it has "blockbuster" written all over it, don't you?


Blogger Dave said...

... to be followed by the sequel "Horrifying Irish Cowboy Mouse from Space II: Electric Boogaloo" and "HICMS III: This Time It's Personal." That third one, of course, will star Treat Williams since Ciaran will refuse to repeat himself again.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

...hopping a plane to NYC to see Ciarán in the play he's in...
Who? Did I miss something? Oh, a few posts ago. I see now - Ciaran Hinds. Um, who? I even saw Tomb Raider 2.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Dave, you're funny.

Marc, Ciaran was the bad guy in TR2. But the fact that you don't know who he is exactly his plan. He likes that he works steadily but lives a mostly "normal" life, free from all the craziness that comes with being a star these days.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

Being a Disney movie, you need to work in a dog somewhere there too... (-:

BTW, I loved Ciaran Caesar in Rome!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Good point about the dog, Merc. But then, I'll also have to work in the death of a parent. And that's just sad.

And I agree: Ciaran made a top-notch Caesar! He's an on-screen master of "intense."

8:47 PM  

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