Monday, February 11, 2008

Souvenir Spectacular ...

I popped over to Ali Thinks earlier and noticed that she has a new banner on the site. It was easy to notice for two reasons: 1) Because it's different, and 2) Because she wrote a brief post about it.

Ooh, nothing gets past me, huh?

I commented to her about the hot pink Eiffel Tower keychain in the banner which led to a little e-mail exchange about our mutual love of, in Ali's words, "tacky tourist shit."

You betcha. Tchotchke crap rocks.

I wrote to her about one of my favorite souvenirs: My brother Paul went to France and returned with a miniature Eiffel Tower for me. My French former sister-in-law was aghast at its tackiness, but I really dug it. (I snapped a picture of it for your very much illustration enjoyment, and love that it came out unfocused.) Note the faux-marble base and the askew "Paris" sticker, for those who are unfamiliar with where the Eiffel Tower is located.

A few years ago, when I took my second trip to London, one of my self-created tasks was to find the cheesiest souvenir available for my brother Brian, which wasn't hard to do, as London is littered with garish souvenir shops. I like to think I I hit the mark with this gem. Yesirree, nothing says tchotchke crap like a poorly painted Big Ben bottle opener.

What's the best crappy souvenir you ever received? Or bought for someone?


Blogger Tina said...

ANYTHING from Branson. EVERYTHING from Branson.

On a side note, I asked my seven-year-old son where he wanted to go on vacation, and he says, "New York! To see the Eiffel Tower!"

10:01 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I can personally deliver almost anything with "Don't Mess With Texas" emblazoned across it. That's always a good standby crap gift.

Also, the "best" I've received was a cheesy ceramic souvenir cup from the Paris casino in Vegas... for two reasons: first, it had afterthought written all over it since it was one of those drink containers you get with an alcoholic beverage of your choice, and second, as soon as I set it down on a table, the stem broke and the thing fell into two pieces.

Nice stuff.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

The best thing I ever received was a tiny jewelry box from Mt. Rushmore, shaped like...Mt. Rushmore.

Or was it the rhinestone Chicago pin?

Tough call. Best thing I ever bought is the aforementioned keychain, or the sparkly PARIS brooch.

I'm so indecisive!

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snowglobes. Especially snowglobes with glitter.

10:48 AM  

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