Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Margot At The Wedding' ...

I rented this movie because Ciarán Hinds is in it. I love Ciarán. I see everything he's in. Even Tomb Raider 2.

And he was very good. He's always very good. He's a very good actor. A great actor, even.

But even he couldn't save this movie. Nobody could have saved this movie.

The thing is, all the performances are very good. Nicole Kidman, she's no slouch. Ditto Jennifer Jason Leigh. And Jack Black? He's more than just School of Rock.

But when I see a movie, I ask myself, "Who was this movie made for?" And in this case, I have no answer.

I did, however, get to see Ciarán's cute legs because in one scene, he was wearing shorts. And in another scene, he got to lick Nicole Kidman's neck, so that was probably fun for him to shoot.

Probably wasn't such a bad time for Nicole, either.

Update: OH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, he's in a play on Broadway that closes at the end of March! Guess who's going to New York?! We haven't seen each other in four years and he's been on my mind a lot lately. Now I know why!


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Apropos of nothing, I had to send you this link, as it relates to an earlier entry you posted about cupcakes, as well as the place there in Chicago, Cupcakes...>1=10885

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