Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy-rama! ...

Back in December, I said that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss would win a Grammy for their album Raising Sand.

Not that it was any great feat of prognostication. The album is brilliant. Their voices together are brilliant.

I didn't watch the Grammys (I'm not much for award shows), but I was pleased to see on just now that they did indeed win.

I'm also pleased to see that Springsteen went home with three trophies, even though Magic was snubbed in the nominations for Album of the Year, which it surely would have won.


Blogger Dave said...

The Grammy broadcasts of recent years have been more about the performances than the actual dispersal of hardware, which is understandable considering that there are 110 categories to announce and only three and a half hours to do so. (Actually, only nine awards were given out on the air.) So as far as performances go, this was pretty good, though it was painful to watch them cart Jerry Lee Lewis out of his sarcophagus to perform a feeble version of "Great Balls of Fire." (Frank Sinatra fared better, as he "performed" a virtual duet with Alicia Keys to start the show off - still kind of creepy, though. Prince later remarked that Ol' Blue Eyes looked good for being 150 years old.) Highlights of the show included Foo Fighters doing "The Pretender' outside of Staples Center in a concert-like setting, the team-up of Beyonce and Tina Turner, still kicking the gams at 67, and Kanye's emotional tribute to his mom. And then there's Amy Winehouse, but I wrote about that on my own blog for those who care to read it.

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