Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter In Fall ...

I still get excited about the first snow of the season. The first real snow, not the first flurries or the first icy slushy mix or the first dusting.

It started snowing early last night. It was still coming down when I went to bed. And this morning, I woke up to this:

(Not a bad shot considering I opened the door to my deck and stuck my arm out around the screen door because God forbid I go find shoes and bother to step outside!)


Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Nice deck. Is that curved or just an image effect?

8:52 AM  
Blogger Chris. You know the one I mean. said...

Just so you know...

I am insanely jealous. INSANELY. (I don;t care how much Andy hates the cold, I really wish I had snow)

1:01 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Thanks, Jeff. Yep, my deck has a half-round portion. My brother built it. He's a bit of a genius that way.

And Chris, ain't nobody keepin' you out of Chicagoland. We'll share our snow with you. And Andy's just a wuss. : o )

4:07 PM  

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