Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Notes ...

♪ I just noticed that Friday's entry about wrapping gifts was my 1,000th post. My God, that's a lot of blathering on about nothing. How nice of you all to return, day after day, to follow along in the continuing banality that is my life.

♪ It is freakishly windy and cold here, but all the snow from last weekend is gone because yesterday it was freakishly warm. The weather's gone mad.

♪ The freakish wind woke me up at 2 a.m. today. I thought I was hearing a truck outside. Nope. No truck. Wind. But then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up at 2 a.m. and started doing stuff around the house. At some point, I sat down and popped in Chris Rock's I Think I Love My Wife. I almost turned it off early on – I'm no prude, but the profanity seemed both excessive and needless – but I stuck with it until the last few minutes, when Rock and his on-screen wife started delivering their lines in song. What the hell? So with what I assume were only minutes to go, I popped it out of the DVD player and crammed it back in its Netflix envelope. Blech.

Love Actually is a much better way to spend a cold, windy day. Two words: Liam Neeson. Two more words: Bill Nighy. And aw, hell, why not: Alan Rickman. Where's my middle-aged accented guy? Speaking of accented guys ...

♪ My friend Mike in York has the Christmas card to end all Christmas cards. You want to see it. Trust me. Click any of these links to see it for yourself. Click on the photo to make it larger and more readable. Really. Go now. I'll still be here when you get back ...

Back from Mike's site? It was funny, wasn't it? Told you.

♪ Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which is a bigger deal in my family that Christmas day in terms of people volume, though there will only be eight of us. My mother and I, however, have prepared food for 80. I invited my neighbors to join us if they decide to ditch their other plans. The volume of food will seem slightly less excessive if we have 10 or 11 people.

♪ I'm 38 and I still have trouble sleeping the night before Christmas.


Blogger Mercurie said...

Well, it snowed here and we still have snow for Christmas Eve. I'll actually have a white Yule for once.

Anyhow, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

2:27 PM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

It's snowing right now in Seattle. Pretty rare on Christmas day.

I'm a sucker for the film Love, Actually. I think Hugh Grant would make a great Prime Minister. And I got a kick out of that pop singer and his manager.

Happy holidays, Beth!

3:34 PM  

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