Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays ...

And so Christmas is over, all the hubbub, all the planning and list-making and shopping and wrapping and mailing and baking and delivering and cooking have come to an end.

It never fails to blow my mind that we spend, conservatively, a month ramping up for Christmas and it's all over inside of 48 hours. (Well, women spend about a month ramping up for Christmas. Most guys are less involved than that, though my brother and his family always haul out all their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. The kids love having the house swathed in trees and lights.)

There are no more gifts under the tree, save for the one I bought for my other brother, but he's in another state right now. I just consolidated the few cookies that remained after my Cookie Elf duties, so now they're all in one tin, ready to be hauled out if anyone should drop by for a cup of coffee. (Ahem, Lenore!)

I put away my loot yesterday. This year's big gift from my parents was a gorgeous piece of copper cookware from France. I've always wanted some copper cookware. I don't need any, as I have plenty of Calphalon, but we cooking-and-baking types love beautiful, functional kitchenware.

(Angela gave me a Sur La Table gift card for my birthday which I spent on Friday, in between Cookie Elfing and dinner with Jay. I bought myself a cute little creamer which mostly matches the cute little diner-esque suger-packet holder I already owned, and a set of springform pans, and a very cool exaggerated oval glass dish, a use for which I can't think of at the moment, but I loved it, so I bought it, and lastly, an ice pick, because I didn't have one and I've been looking for one, for the actual chipping of ice, not to go all Catherine Trammell on some would-be suitor, because, as we all know, I have no would-be suitors.)

So the copper is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it. And mom bought me the most beautiful little china dish. It's a shape I've never seen (sort of a pointed oval with the ends cut off) and is painted in lovely muted greens and gold. I wonder what it was intended for, back in its day. Mom thought I could use it to hold my rings or something. Which I could, if I wore more than one ring, and if I ever took it off, but I can use it for earrings instead.

Patty and Barry gave me cast metal rooster bookends. They're totally awesome, and I've truly been wanting bookends. I don't think I mentioned that to them, but their timing is perfect.

My brother and sister-in-law and the kids gave me a Target giftcard (which I will redeem, as soon as the crazy crowds die down, for Ratatouille, I think) and a Whirly Pop. I love popcorn and make it on my stove in a pan. None of that lung-clogging microwave business for me, thank you very much. But with the Whirly Pop, you can make popcorn with almost no oil. Very cool. And she added a couple kettle-corn packets. "That's not healthy," she said. "But it's so good."

Hey, you gotta splurge sometime.

But my favorite Christmas moment this year happened on Christmas Eve. I bought one of my nephews an Invader Zim DVD. I first saw Invader Zim at their house and it was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. I laughed myself silly. So I found the DVD that contained those episodes. He hadn't asked for it. I figured he wouldn't be expecting it. But when he opened it, he was thrilled. Don't you love giving someone a gift that they didn't know they wanted until it's opened? Later, me and the kids headed for the TV room to watch "Mortos Der Soulstealer." We were all cracking up. I had tears running down my face. My other nephew was laughing in anticipation of laughing. And my niece's laugh is the cutest thing you've ever heard. It is the sound of pure joy. (Sadly, YouTube doesn't have a decent clip from that episode, but trust me, it's the weirdest, funniest show ever.)

Every year, my niece and I curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace, and this year was no exception, though we just snuck it in under the wire before they had to go home. I love that part of Christmas, too. That's my favorite annual Christmas moment.

And, as usual, we had enough food to feed 80 people on Christmas Eve. And then we made Christmas dinner yesterday.

But I was very judicious about eating.

And, this week, I'm going to the gym three days in a row.

I hope everyone had an equally lovely holiday. Here's to peace in the new year.


Blogger Mercurie said...

There was a time when Christmas was 12 days long. I think that is a good idea, given all the trouble people go to getting ready for it. At any rate, I plan on keeping my Yule tree up until the day after New Year's.

I've never seen Invader Zim, but I think my youngest great niece used to watch it all the time.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Your Christmas sounds so cozy and sweet. Glad you had a good time.

4:34 PM  

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