Thursday, November 22, 2007

For The Baby Who Has Everything ...

I had every intention of buying Brandon's baby-boy-to-be a stuffed lion. I found the cutest one ever last year when buying gifts for Gemma's and Dave's daughter, and thought it was perfect, a switch from all the teddy bears and exclusively blue or pink plushies out there.

The store where I'd found the lion was now lion-free, and I wasn't falling in love with the other options (though the organic cotton monkey was kinda cute) and then I spotted this guy:

How could I not buy him?! In a moment of blinding creativity, I named him Spotty Pig. I love that he's not pink, that his spots are green and blue and brown. He's very boyish that way.

I put 11 cents in him before I wrapped the box. I was going to use paper money, but I thought 1) You can't hear paper money, and 2) There's just something cute about plunking coins into a piggy bank. The 11 cents is because li'l Jackson is going to be born this month, one way or another. November. The 11th month. Also, not that I'm into numerology, but if you add up 11 and 2007 (1+1+2+7), you get 11.


Blogger Mercurie said...

I'm sure Brandon's boy-to-be will love it. I know I would as a little boy.

4:52 PM  

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