Thursday, November 15, 2007

Belated Birthday Photo ...

(An Anon just wrote in a comment that I mention my mom on here, but rarely my dad. That's because my dad and I aren't as close as me and my mom. It's a girl thing. Mom and I shop and cook and talk about relationships and stuff. Dad asks me how my car's running. So the proportion of mom mentions to dad mentions mirrors the amount of interaction I have with my mom versus my dad. I love him, we've just never had much in common.)

Anon was was wondering why I didn't post a photo with my father like I said I would.

Well, for a few reasons: 1) Mom wasn't in love with the fact that I posted the photo of her and me because she doesn't think it's a good picture of her, and she wouldn't like the photo from my birthday night, 2) We were sitting against a glass backdrop, so there's a huge glare that I can't successfully eliminate from the photo, and 3) Dad isn't smiling.

So I called up a birthday photo from a couple years ago (taken at the same restaurant, in almost the same location, but on an angle, so there's not glare in the glass, and I realized that my father doesn't actually smile in photos. But at least in this one, he doesn't look pissed off, which is how he looked in the photos taken on Sunday night, when mom and I sat for the one I posted ealier.

And I haven't changed much since then. And mom looks cute.

So, then, here's a shot of me and my parents. Pretend it's two days old, not two years.


Blogger elizabeth said...

nice pic. in the first pic I almost commented how much you look like your mom. but now I see both. very handsome family.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

You really don't look that different then than you do now. And you do look a lot like your mom.

7:03 PM  

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