Monday, October 08, 2007

Personal Trainerus Interruptus ...

Hokay. Today was session No. 2 with Mr. Trainer Man. Session No. 1 was last Monday, and then, well, you know. It's hard to keep trainer appointments when your parents are in the hospital.

And hey, until this morning, I was still having trouble using my legs anyway. Never before have I felt that much pain in my quads. Whew.

Today, we worked on my arms. Have I ever mentioned that I hate my arms? I mean, I'm grateful for my arms, but I want Linda-Hamilton-in-Terminator 2 arms and I have Oprah arms.

Last week, I was telling Brandon that I know that I can never have Linda's arms and he interrupted me and said, "Why not?"

Why not? Um, because. That's just craziness. No way I can go from Crazy Flabby Arms to Crazy Cut Arms. Right?

Not in Brandon's book. He seems to operate from the place of believing that with enough work, anything is possible.

Huh. So what's Oprah's deal? He said he's seen her train and her trainers don't push her hard enough. I have no reason to doubt him, especially because I know he's pushing me hard enough. More than hard enough. But I gave him six weeks (which became five, really, as I had to cancel two sessions with him last week) and told him I'll do everything he tells me to do. And we'll see how far we get.

Then I'll kick into more of a check-up mode with him. I can't afford him every week forever, but after this initial crunch, I figure it makes sense to work with him one week a month for an adjustment to my routine. That's my plan, anyway. We'll see how things shake out.

We did a lot of work on my biceps and triceps today. My biceps aren't yelling too much tonight, but my triceps are pretty pissed.

Dave once told me that his trainer told him that you don't really feel the effects of an exercise until two days later. And I've found that to be true. So Wednesday should be a hoot.

I hope I can move. I have another session that day.

But I know that with every session, I'm getting stronger and that there will come a day when it won't hurt like it hurts now. And besides, it's a good kind of hurt. It's a "I'm doing the work to get stronger" hurt.

Brandon told me that one of his clients has lost 20 pounds in four weeks. I've got five weeks until my birthday. I'd be happy to lose 20 pounds by then. Of course, I'd be happier to lose more. But I don't want my expectations to get too high.

L.A. Dave sent some pictures of Gabrielle Reese to me for inspiration. I know I'm more than five weeks (or five months) away from the body of Gabby Reese, but it's nice to have something to which to aspire.

He and I have been laughing, figuring that a body like hers will either make men flock to me or drive them away in droves.

Here's hoping it's the former.


Blogger Marc said...

A little googling reveals a Linda Hamilton interview where she talks about her training for T2:

LH: For almost a year, I ran, lifted weights, trampolined, aerobicized, and bicycled - three hours a day, six days a week. In the past I'd spent months at health clubs, but the training was never this focused.

Preview Mag: also survived military training under Israeli ex-commando Uzi Gal. Focusing on automatic weapons and judo, those sessions combined with the fitness work totaled about six hours a day.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you ever watch The Biggest Loser? I've heard some people say it's very inspiring.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, there you go, Marc. Six hours a day. Yep, won't be doing that.

Anon, I have indeed caught TBL a bit while flipping channels. Those people look like they're about to collapse. I wonder how wise it is to make severely oveweight people run and carry heavy weights (like other people). In fact, I saw a promo tonight for one of the contestants and a heart-attack scare. I didn't watch, but I suspect things turned out OK. Still, geez. I'm sure the producers are hyper-cautious (it'd be bad for ratings if someone collapsed and died), but I think most people are inspiried by the big weight losses, not all the work people have to do to get there.

That said, tomorrow is my next session and I can actually use my arms today without a lot of pain! And I flexed my arm earlier and heck if my bicep didn't look somewhat impressive already. Not that I'm trying to look like Ms. Universe, but I do believe I can see tone!

1:12 AM  

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