Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Movie Yin And Yang ...

Sometimes I fly through my Netflix discs. Other times, they languish on my coffee table for way too long.

Cases in point: I recently received Reign Over Me and popped it in right away. A big heapin' helpin' of happy, that movie. On Netflix, I gave it four out of five stars. I orginally gave it three stars, but Adam Sandler's performance was so strong, I had to bump up my rating.

I think he's a terrific serious actor and I think he's finally distancing himself from his Happy Gilmore, Red Hooded Sweatshirt days. Mind you, I thought Punch Drunk Love was a bit too weird and I might be the only person on the planet who liked Spanglish, but I'm happy to see him becoming a "real" actor. The same way that I love Robin Williams when he tackles serious roles.

(And if you haven't heard it, Eddie Vedder's rendition of "Love, Reign O'er Me" will knock your socks off. I think his version is better than The Who's. Then again, I have a version of Eddie singing Springsteen's One Step Up that I think is better than Bruce's. But as I've said before, I'm a sucker for Eddie's voice.)

On the flip side, I received Mel Gibson's Apocalypto at the end of August and I just got around to watching it last night. And the whole time, I kept asking myself, out loud, "Why am I watching this movie?" I knew it was violent, and I don't have a problem with violent films (I adore Braveheart), but holy crap, that movie. I wonder if Mel owns stock in a fake-blood company. Or is it always corn syrup and red food coloring?


Blogger J. Marquis said...

I totally agree with you on Sandler. His comedy films are mind rotting but most of his serious stuff (and even the Wedding Singer)are great. My wife couldn't stand him until we rented Spanglish.

6:38 PM  

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