Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 1 ...

Today was one of those days.

I woke up, as I always do, and made my way into my office to fire up the computer, and I ran out to my car to fetch a Clif bar from the console (I love Clif bars and I keep one or two in the car in case hunger strikes while I'm on the road) and the weather was perfection, so I came inside, ate my Clif bar, downed a Nalgene bottle full of water, then donned a pair of the ridiculously expensive socks I bought for the walk and my walky shoes and went for a quick three-miler. Walk. Not run.

I don't run unless chased. (Actually, I love the idea of going for a run. Maybe someday.)

When I got home, I hopped on some conferece calls for work, the kind of calls that really don't require my participation, so while others conferenced, I edited a PowerPoint presentation.

My job is such that I don't always have a full day's worth of work to do, and today was one of those days.

My mail arrived while I was on the phone. In it, a package. A package I wasn't expecting. It was from my friend Claudia, along with the nicest note. It was a copy of the book Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender, which Claudia told me about years ago. And which I bought, actually. And then I gave my copy to Doreen last year. So I love that it came back into my life. What's that? Why did she send it to me? To be nice. And as a thank-you for walking last month, and "for carrying Carol's memory so prominently."

I was truly touched by the gesture. I love doing little things for people – sending them a book I know they'll like or taking them flowers for their birthday or whatever – but I'm always amazed when someone does it for me. Happily amazed.

Today was also one of those days where one task leads to another and you find yourself on a roll and you don't know why but you don't question it because you have no idea when another day like this will come along so you just keep going. Much like that sentence.

It's not that my office was a mess, but there was more well-stashed clutter than I was comfortable with, so today became the day to address it all, including my checkbook, which I hadn't tackled since, um, well, April.

Yes, April. I mentioned that to Doreen in an IM conversation.

Doreen is an accountant.

"APRIL?!" she wrote. "Don't talk to me."

But I assured her that I keep excellent records, that I was able to whip right through my check register. And I balanced to the penny, thank you very much.

It's been a very productive day.

And on the heels of my last post, one of my Anon commenters challenged me to give up sugar until my birthday. I reserved the right to eat natural sugar (you know, like fruit and carrots and stuff) but I'm on board with cutting out refined sugar until mid-November. My hope is that I will take one bite of birthday cake and my body will say, "What the hell is this crap?!" and I will find myself cured of my sugar addiction.

I've cut out foods before. Years ago, I learned the awful truth about diet pop and I haven't had any since, and boy, I used to like me some fizzy pops. Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi was a daily treat for me. No more. No artificial sweeteners. And I cut out high-fructose corn syrup, so I'm not drinking regular pop, either. (Nor am I eating ketchup or the zillion other foods with HFCS. If you're not the type to pay attention to labels, lemme tell you, HFCS is in damn near everything.) And I went through a spate about 7 years ago when I ate a bagel every morning. I cut that back to one a week, on Sunday, and have switched to a four-grain bagel instead of the refined-white-flour blob I used to eat. (Though I had a couple blobs in New York, because H&H bagels are not to be missed. Especially when they're warm, like ours were. Oh, heaven. Bagel heaven.)

So I can cut out sugar. Yes, I can. Even though I'm catering the sweets for a baby shower next month. I can bake 'em. That doesn't mean I have to eat 'em.

And I can't have any Halloween candy, which is good, because I love those little snack-size Snickers way too much. And little Twix. And little Almond Joy. And Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And little boxes of Dots. And little Kit-Kats.

And I can't have an Affy Tapple, which is good, too, as no one should be eating an apple that was probalby picked six months ago, even if it is coated in caramel and peanuts.

For today, though, I'm fine with cutting out sugar. I've got that new-commitment momentum on my side. Let's see how long it lasts!


Blogger Mercurie said...

You can do it. After the first few days, you won't miss sugar at all!

7:24 AM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Are you telling me Twix isn't fruit?

9:10 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I know! It was a dark day when I finally learned that secret.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

I hear ya on diet sodas. I used to down a six-pack of Diet Cherry Coke each day. A couple of months ago I switched to water, though I lapse every now and then.

That said, I had an Affy Tapple just last night.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

You can do it- it isn't that hard. The sad news is that your body will never reject cake. I gave up almost all sugar and carbs for over two years and that first piece of cake was still effing awesome!

I like the Clif bars too, but I get the ones they make for kids because they are smaller (fewer calories). They are all organic and whole grain so they appeal to the part of me that wants to eat healthily.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Ooh, used to love Diet Cherry Coke, Andy. Then Cherry Coke, cuz of all the evil artificial crap in diet soda, but I haven't had pop in I don't know how long. Just don't want it.

But Jen, yeah, I figure my body will never reject cake. I don't eat cake just for cake's sake. It has to be great cake. I figure, some cake on my birthday (always white cake with lemon filling "frosted" with whipped cream, not buttercream) will be a welcome treat. And maybe the occasional piece of chocolate cake, though good chocolate cake is hard to find, and it's far too dangerous to make it oneself!

2:18 PM  

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