Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bounty ...

No, not the paper towels.

This morning, in a rare moment of ambition, I decided to walk to Starbucks for some coffee and a low-fat blueberry muffin. (This may not sound ambitious, but from my house to Starbucks is a whopping 1.7 miles. I know! It's like I live in Bhutan or something! So 3.4 miles is a pretty decent hike first thing in the morning, especially when the first leg of the journey is to be completed without coffee or muffin for fuel!)

I like knowing as much as I know about food and nutrition (and God knows I have loads more to learn) but it sets up a devil-and-angel debate every time I want to eat something that's not a stick or a twig.

Like this morning, when I thought, "Ooh, I'll get a blueberry muffin with my coffee!" That happy thought was quickly supplanted by "Beth, that's refined white flour and sugar. You shouldn't eat that." Stupid angel shoulder. Luckily, my brain, which sits between and slightly above my shoulders, is rational, and said, "Shut up. She's walking 3.4 miles. She can have a blueberry muffin. But Beth, get a low-fat muffin, OK?"

So I got a low-fat muffin. Which was perfectly tasty.

On the return leg, I strolled through the farmers' market where I spied boxes of blueberries. Oooh. Had to buy a box of those! (I brought them home and turned them into more blueberry muffins. Now that the weather is starting to cool just a little, I'm inspired to bake again and I'm getting back to posting on The Cookie Queen's English.)

I also spied a beautiful pile of peppers, all different colors. So I had to buy a few of those, too. I have no plans for them, other than cutting them up and munching on them. (And check me, hauling out my digital camera to take a picture of my peppers!)

The one that looks brown is indeed brown. Chocolate brown. I'd never seen a brown pepper before, and in the daylight, it looked kind of purple. But no, it's brown. I cut into it and ate a piece and it tastes pretty much like any other pepper and it has the same texture. It just looks like chocolate.

I love this time of year, when all the farms are overflowing and neighbors are pawning off tomatoes and zucchini on anyone who'll stand still. Mom buys a bushel or two of plum tomatoes and we spend a happy day together chopping and turning them into spaghetti sauce. the most amazing, simple spaghetti sauce, that we then freeze (because it gets better, the longer it sits) and haul out in the depths of winter for a fresh-off-the-vine-tasting tomatoey treat.


Blogger J. Marquis said...

My wife is always giving me a bad time about exercising and then rewarding myself with something fattening. I think it's something left over in my psyche from childhood.

12:27 AM  

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