Thursday, August 02, 2007

Honored ...

I have a 3-Day "coach." Given that this is my fourth 3-Day, I don't really need anyone to walk me through the process, but every walker is assigned a coach and Anna is mine. We met last year when I went to a 3-Day workshop as her assistant of sorts. She likes to have a veteran at workshops who can answer questions for first-time walkers.

At Anna's request last year, I hosted an informal workshop for walkers in my area. And again this year, a tag-team session with my new walker pal Jen.

This morning, Anna wrote to me: "I wanted to see if you might be interested in participating in the Opening Ceremonies."

Being me, I got a little misty. Opening Ceremonies are both really moving and really motivating. You need to psych yourself up to walk 60 miles and part of that preparation is reminding yourself why you've made the commitment in the first place. In the past, a small group of survivors have held hands, forming a circle, symbolically holding the memories of all those who have been lost to breast cancer. It is a somber and beautiful moment.

But the underlying emotion of every event is hope. Opening Ceremonies are purposely timed to coincide with the sunrise.

Earlier this year, I contemplated applying for the spokesperson position, the woman who travels to all the events and gives the opening and closing speeches as well as who updates all the walkers on the day's events and media coverage each night at dinner. My media background and public-speaking experience would have come in handy, but realistically, I couldn't take that much time off of work. So, reluctantly, I dropped the idea.

Today's e-mail from Anna touched me greatly. I'm truly honored to be asked to be part of the 3-Day in yet another way.

I told Doreen about Anna's request.

She very wisely asked, "Do you have waterproof mascara?"


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