Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hello, Nurse! ...

Doreen receives e-mails about advance ticket sales for the Chicago Theater.

Yesterday, she forwarded an e-mail about Benise with the cheeky note, "Do not know if you ever heard of this guy … but I know you like a man that looks like this (wink wink) and you may EVEN enjoy his music!!!"

Hello! My friend knows me well! I'm a sucker for musicians with long hair. Ooh, and hands. I've got a thing for strong hands. I could do without his collection of necklaces, but why quibble?

I called him up in iTunes. Turns out, I'm not into his flamenco-guitar sound (though Mom, I think you'd like his music; you can sample tunes on my computer if you'd like), but hubba hubba!

His name is Roni. Roni Benise. He'll be at the Chicago Theater on November 4th, if you're interested. Tickets range from $57.50 to $37.50.


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