Wednesday, August 08, 2007

126,720 ...

I'm not much for math. I believe there are number people and there are word people. I am a number person, but I can handle simple calculations.

For instance, I just calculated my stride. By measuring out 50 feet (or the span from my dining room wall to the entrance of my living room and back again) and counting how many steps it takes to walk those 50 feet (20 steps for me), I now know that my casual stride is 2.5 feet. Dividing 5,280 (the number of feet in a mile) by my stride (2.5) I now know that I walk 2,112 steps per mile. (Hey, like that Rush album I never owned!)

Which means that for the 3-Day, if I do every mile, I'll walk 126,720 steps. Add in all the extra steps at pit stops and camp (camp is big) and I can probably tack on another mile or two, but we'll just count the actual route. And we'll round up.

127,000 steps.

Doctors prescribe that people should walk 10,000 steps per day. That's four miles for me. I put in an hour on the treadmill most days, and that's three miles, and with other walking, I probably get close to four miles a day.

By that math, I'll do 12.7 days of walking in three days.

The map has been released for all three days, but the wily 3-Day people wisely don't spell out the exact mileage for each day. No, you find that out each day as you hit the route. As they check us out (our credentials have bar codes on them, and we get scanned when we leave and scanned when we return), we're handed a route card for the day which handily slips into our credential holder and spells out the day's route in terms of the number of miles to the pit stops (lovely walking oases where you can use a Port-A-Potty, grab a snack [after using a Wash-n-Dri after using the Port-A-Potty], refill your water bottle with a lovely assortment of sports drinks or water, and sit a spell, snacking and stretching) or grab-and-gos (where you use a Potty, refill your water, and go).

This is me and Catherine at a pit stop during the 2005 event. (No, there aren't photo ops at every stop!)

Last year, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about the actual day's mileage. The route card said 23 miles but people with pedometers said it was 25. And lemme tell you, when you're walking close to a marathon a day on Days 1 and 2, a mile or two makes a huge difference. Knowing camp is a mile away is much different than knowing camp is three miles away.

I'm almost ready. I have a ton of stuff piled on the floor in my living room and I ran errands this afternoon to pick up my last-minute needs. I need to do a load of laundry, and then I need to cram everything into my wheelie duffel. I'm rather astonished at how much I can pack into such a relatively small piece of luggage: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, extra pair of shoes, shower shoes, clothes, clothes to sleep in, toiletries, towel, tarps for the tent, six pairs of socks (amazing socks - amazingly expensive socks; it feels a bit insane to spend $13 a pair on socks, but if they prevent a blister nightmare like last year, they'll be money well spent).

Tomorrow is the dry run of Opening Ceremonies (though considering it will be in the 90s and humid tomorrow, the dry run will be anything but dry), and then Friday morning, I need to arrive early for Opening Ceremonies, which will kick off at 6:30.

Right now, the forecast is for no rain (that's a good thing) and temperatures for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively, are slated for 82, 90, and 94 with mostly sunny to sunny skies. This is not so good. But thankfully, Sunday is the shortest day, typically clocking in at a "mere" 14-15 miles.

I'd really like to pass $3,000 in contributions before I take my first step on Friday morning (it's just a few hundred bucks away), so if you're a friend who's been meaning to contribute, now would be an excellent time to cross that to-do off your list. And if you're a reader who's happened upon my blog and you've been reading my 3-Day accounts and thinking, "Damn, I should support this girl," well, you're welcome to visit my web page, too.

This ends my broadcast day, kids. I'll be back with a post on Monday.

After I've slept in.

In my oh-so-comfy bed.

As late as I possibly can.

Think cool thoughts for me.

Love and thanks,


And this, from left to right, is Shelly, Erin, and Mike from last year's event. This is the full version of the picture that's on my contribution page, but I had to lop off the girls to get the photo down to the right size to upload. These three people are the reason I completed last year's event. They kept me going. Hi, Pimp Daddy! (We were his Bitches.)


Blogger Mercurie said...

I'm definitely a word person. I couldn't begin to calculate my stride (being short it wouldn't be much anyhow...). LOL.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Ethan said...

Have a good time! Hopefully the weather co-operates better than it did today.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

mercurie - Oh, you can figure out your stride if you want to. It's easy. You're smart.

eth - Thanks! Looks like there'll be an inverse proportion of temperature and distance! That's about all I can ask for at this point.

10:03 PM  
Blogger under the Eagle's wings said...

good luck with the marathon!!

5:29 PM  

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