Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This Is The Sound Of Me Laughing ...

Just spied this on Craigslist, emphasis mine:

Our company is looking for a new ghost writer for one of our projects. The project relates to DUI and drunken driving consequences. For this project we need 75-100 articles and whoever wins the job will get all of them. Our compensation is $0.03+ per word depending on quality, number of articles we receive a week and consistency. We will pay weekly with PayPal and whoever wins this job will be kept on our staff of full time writers for other projects.

Sample Topic: DUI Consequences
Word count: 200-400

All articles will become our property or our company and anything submitted to us will be run through CopyScape to ensure authenticity. Future articles will be between 400-800 words in lengh.

This ad will be posted in multiple cities and competition will be heavy. We are only looking for good writers who do quality work and are dependable.

Yup, because every writer I know will be clammoring for the chance to write 800-word stories for 24 bucks apiece.

Are these people high?!


Anonymous Doreen said...

I really think you need to write them and ask them if they are high!! What a bunch of crap!!!

10:46 AM  

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