Wednesday, July 25, 2007

iTunes Thoughts ...

Every Tuesday, Apple, in a nefarious plot to separate me from even more of my money, lobs a New Music Tuesday e-mail right at me.

I always check out the Single of the Week. This week, it's really heavy metal. Like bismuth. Which, actually, wouldn't be a bad name for a band. And if any of the members had a lisp, no one would know. As it is, though, Gallows is not my kind of band.

And I always check out the stack of album releases. This week, in anticpation of The Simpsons Movie, there are two offerings: The Simpsons theme by Green Day (fun!) and the soundtrack from The Simpsons Movie by Hans Zimmer.

Which makes me wonder: Did Hans tie up Danny Elfman and stuff him in a closet somewhere? What gives? I love Hans. He's one of my all-time favorite composers, but The Simpsons is Elfman's turf.

And then I saw the album "Beautiful Door" by Billy Bob Thornton. Wha? Like "Billy Bob Thornton" Billy Bob Thornton? The celluloid god who gave us Badder Santa? Lemme sample some of that!

A comparison to Johnny Cash would be far too generous, as I have a deep respect for Mr. Cash, but Thornton also has that simplistic, almost spoken delivery. What Thornton lacks, however, are Cash's vocal cords. I wonder if this album is the product of people letting Billy Bob do whatever he wants to do or the product of someone thinking that a country album with an Oscar-winner's name on the front would be a slam dunk.

Either way, I suspect his foray into country music will be brief.


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