Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello? Parallel Universe? Is That You? ...

I'm vain. I admit it. I Google myself from time to time to see where my name is popping up. Come on, admit it. So do you.

So I was intrigued when I saw this link in my Google results.

So I clicked it.

And I read it.

And I said, "Oh!" in a "Isn't that sweet?!" kind of way.

Yes, friends, he's a musician.

And his name is Dave.

But the craziest thing is that he's 54, which is also the age of Dave. That Dave. Composer Dave. Musician Dave.

It never ceases to amaze me, this Internet thing. You never know who's reading.

Until you do.

Dave, This Post's Dave, Current Dave (I need to come up with a better modifier for him), turns out, has released his first album, Raised In Vain. How fabulously cool is that?

It's never too late to realize a dream.

It's available at cdbaby, iTunes, and amazon.com. Check it out here.

Update: As Stacy would say, Christ on toast! When I saw the links in Dave's blog entry today, I thought, "David Byrne? Like 'David Byrne' David Byrne? Nah." Um, yeah! David Byrne. Dave, you flatter me to put me in such company. And not just because his name is David. And not to mention A Family in Baghdad.


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