Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chew On This ...

Now that Gilmore girls is off the air (and yes, I did find the season-series-is-it-the-end-or-isn't-it? ending highly unsatisfying, thanks for asking), there's a new Gg in my life. She's a food blogger and cute as a button: gezellig-girl.com.

What's a gezellig, you'd like to know? Well, she's kind enough to explain:

According to Wikipedia, gezellig is one of the most difficult words to translate in the Dutch language. There is no literal equivalent or similar word in English. Gezellig is very colloquial, and is most often used in these contexts: one is with family and/or friends, light is right, people are right, music is right, conversation is right, then the feeling is gezellig.

Her post today is about gum. Yep, gum. Not a food, you're saying. Quite right. But this post was about impulse purchases at the grocery store, and Gg waxed poetic about Orbit's Mint Mojito gum and asked her readers about their impulse purchases. To which I commented:

I like me some Eclipse Polar Ice gum. My friend Dave popped one of the Chiclet-like pieces in his mouth one day and said, "Ooh, violent." So it’s heretofore known as Violent Gum. One day, he said, "My gum’s just not violent enough lately." Turned out he was buying peppermint by mistake.

(Actually, I always have Violent Gum on me, so my checkout line impulse purchase is the occassional issue of Cosmo. It just doesn’t get any trashier and vapid! Who can resist coverline such as "75 Sex Tricks: Warning: They're So Hot, This Magazine Might Burst Into Flames" or "A Kind of Cuddling That Can Bring You Closer to HIm" or "Feel Sexy Naked: Great Confidence Boosters.")

But gum was always the brass ring when I was a kid. Mom could be counted on to relent and let me have a pack of Trident on trips to the grocery store. Pieces of Trident, though, are tiny, and the flavor didn't last. I seem to remember chewing it with my front teeth and feeling like a squirrel.

And then came the advent of Bubble Yum and its half-sibling Bubblicious, which, according to Wikipedia, featured a nacho cheese flavor. Nacho cheese-flavored gum?!

When I was in grade school, Joe the crossing guard used to keep his pockets full of Bazooka Joe, little pink slabs of plastic, basically, that gum. I don't think it was his gum of choice because it was his namesake. I think it was his gum of choice because it was cheap. Or maybe he liked the little cartoons that came wrapped around the plastic slabs.

I just Googled "Bazooka Joe" and clicked on bazookajoe.com.

"I don't want no waiting," says the splash page. Hmm. Not exactly grammatical there, Joe.

Of course, the epitome of cheap gum is Dubble Bubble, whose flavor lasts approximately 12 seconds. It was a Halloween standby when I was a kid. I always ended up with a lot of it from neighborhood houses, and it was probably left over from the previous Halloween. The to-be English major in me was fond of the spelling of Dubble. And getting Dubble Bubble in your Trick-or-Treat bag was preferable to those God-awful black and orange waxed-paper-wrapped peanut butter kisses. I'm pretty sure those could be used as ammuntion but they were always recycled into everyone's candy bowls baskets, the candy dregs for the Trick-or-Treat stragglers or those with enough energy to go around a second time.

A few months ago, I stood in the gum and candy aisle of Target reading the packages of all the gums. It's damn near impossible to find a gum without artificial sweetener these days. Grown-up gum, anyway. So I keep plenty of Violent Gum on hand, even though, as my little niece used to say every time she tried a piece, sure she'd like it, "It's too spicy," and then she'd spit it out in my hand. Violent Gum is an acquired taste.


Anonymous Doreen said...

I must speak up in defense of the orange and black wrapped peanut butter chewey things ... if they are FRESH, they are mahhhhvelous!!! You can have my dubble bubble ... which my Mom would always buy to hand out because then she did not have to worry about us dipping in to the give-away candy. Bless her heart ... LOL

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Alison said...

Ha! Great post!

I hated those peanut butter kiss things (sorry, Doreen). And my sister (who's about to turn 45) buys Dubble Bubble for herself, ewww.

Anyway, I've been enjoying Altoids cinnamon gum; it's pretty violent. And for long-lasting flavor, I like Stride. That has cool packaging, too, and I'm a sucker for good packaging.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Ooh, and I forgot about Rainblo!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I worked for Life Savers for 3 years. I've seen gum being made.
I never eat gum.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Beth said...


Is there anything we can eat?

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubble Bubble is GREAT when you're on deadline. Our cafeteria sells it and a fist full on a bad night goes a long way to soothe the savage beasts in our newsroom.

5:56 PM  

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