Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost Actin' Like A Grown-Up ...

Friday night, I met Doreen at her place and we set out in search of drinks. Coco Pazzo was her idea, and a fine idea it was, but alas, when we got to the door, we were greeted by a sign that the restaurant was closed for a private party.


So we wandered into AigreDoux, a restaurant that has gotten raves, thinking we could hang out at the bar and try a couple appetizers (which, frankly, is about all we can afford there). But the bar was rather crowded, so we headed to Kinzie Street Chop House, thinking the third time would be the charm.

And was it ever. In addition to bar stools just waiting for us to fill them, and a lovely bartendress who gave us very nice glasses of Grey Goose on the rocks, the appetizer menu was lovely.

Doreen's not one to pass up calamari, so we ordered that, and I'm not one to pass up mushrooms, so we had to try the mushroom tart with Gorgonzola cream. It wasn't a tart, it was strudel, but holy mother of God, it was delicious. As Doreen pointed out, it hardly needed the Gorgonzola sauce, but it added a nice extra touch of richness.

We hopped in a cab to the Goodman and took our seats for the play, Oedipus Complex, Oedipus Rex as told by a young Sigmund Freud. I kid you not.

The set design was amazing.

The sound design was even more amazing.

Even the costumes were cool.

But the play? Eh, not so much.

The performances were top notch, as they always are at the Goodman, but rather early on in the production, I almost fell victim to the giggle loop. (If you watch Coupling, you know what I'm talking about.) A character was delivering his lines in a peculiar voice and all I could think of was Underdog and Simon Bar Sinister.

It's a good thing Doreen wasn't holding a Tweety Bird PEZ dispenser.

And speaking of Underdog, the live-action version is due out this summer and frankly, it looks incredibly lame. (The dog is, you know, a dog, a dog which looks nothing like Underdog.) But the film's one saving grace may be that Peter Dinklage is playing Simon Bar Sinister, and that might be the best bit of casting in the history of movies. I adore him.


Blogger Mercurie said...

LOL. I didn't expect to find someone else who knew who Simon Barsinister was, much less has actually seen Underdog. I am dreading that live action movie, as it has actually very little to do with the cartoon. I think you could be right, though Peter Dinklage playing Simon Barsinister could be cool.

6:48 PM  

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