Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yesterday's News ...

This morning I noticed Howard Kurtz's 'Katie's Notebook' Item Cribbed From W.S. Journal features a link to my blog in a sidebar.

As Steve Martin said when he discovered Navin Johnson's name in the phonebook in "The Jerk": "Things are going to start happening for me now."

Well, not really, but I love that line.

And it's nice that the Post is linking to me. I don't get tons of traffic every day, but we'll see if this provides any kind of spike. Though a spike based on my current traffic would be about as high as a speed bump.

Or smaller. I just refreshed the page and realized that the top three blog links are dependent on the time of publication, and that it's not so much the Post linking to me as the Post using a Technorati widget to display the links of blogs that link to the Post story.

But publishing this post and updating my original Couric post put me back on top. For now.

OK, my non-techy brain is starting to understand how this works.

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Blogger GDAEman said...

very funny stream of consciousness, which I can appreciate, only cuz I blog too (and am originally from the North Shore of the Windy City... not sure that has anything to do with it).

Yea, well, Imus is part of the erosion of civility, on which I elaborate in MY take on the Couric affair (not the one with the much younger man mind you).
Couric: Faux Journalist

Tho ya gotta check this one out for laughs and other "affair" stuff:
Kaitie on the Prowl

9:02 PM  

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