Monday, April 09, 2007

All Hail The King ...

I do not worship at the altar of Stephen King fiction. The only book of his I've ever read cover to cover was The Green Mile and that was seven little books, serials, God bless him. Isn't he quaint?

But I revere - yes, I said revere - his book On Writing. Good stuff in there. Like a magician telling you how he does his tricks.

Of course, if it was that easy, we'd all be insanely rich authors, we writers who long to find a way to make this writing thing work. King's got a gift, to be sure. His writing reads like making half a baloney sandwich: slap some meat on a slice of bread and fold. He makes it seem that damn easy.

But seeming easy, of course, is often very hard. Just like the best actors don't look like they're acting.

So today I picked up my April 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly. King has the back of the book - once a month, is it? - and in this column, he wonders, "Why would a company publish a book this good and then practically demand that people not read it?"

He's lamenting the fate of Fieldwork by Mischa Berlinski, languishing at "No. 24,571 on Amazon best-seller list, and not apt to go much higher."

Not apt to go much higher, maybe, unless it just got plugged by Stephen King.

EW is a weekly, but who knows what King's lead time is on his columns. One would hope his editor - let's pause for a moment to contemplate that job: Stephen King's editor - would have updated that number as the book went to bed, but in any event, let's figure that that sales ranking is no more than a couple weeks old.

I just checked Fieldwork is No. 381.


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Wow. Powerful stuff!

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