Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thoughts Du Jour ...

Earlier today, I looked through all my CDs in search of new song candidates for my next recording session. Sometimes, I like a song but not an arrangement, so I made a list of potential tunes and headed over to my computer to look for other versions in iTunes.

First up, "But Not For Me." But I mistyped it as "But Not Fo rMe." So iTunes, in its infinite helpfulness, asked, "Did you mean 'But not not rue?' "

Um, no. Why? Is that a song?

So I plugged "But not not rue" into the search and - fuck me - I got a hit. The artist is Tetes Raides, the album is "Not Dead But Bien Raides" and the track is "Rue d'la peste." I sampled it.

It's weird.

So then I plugged in "The Nearness of You." You know who sings "The Nearness of You"? Besides Norah Jones and every jazz singer known to man? Sheena Easton. Yeah, that Sheena Easton. Yeah, "My Baby Takes the Morning Train ..." Sheena Easton.

Seriously, is there a hidden camera in my office? Is somebody watching this? So I sampled that, too.

It's good. Really. Sheena has some business singing standards.

I kept working through my list. "For All We Know" was on deck.

Anyone? Anyone?

Tom Wopat. Yup, Luke Duke. It's on an album that's classified as country, but it's hardly a country tune. And yeah, he does OK, too.

The day wore on. I curled up under an afghan on the couch. One of the side effects of the cleanse is being cold. Like all the time. I guess when your body's furnace doesn't have anything to digest, your internal thermostat is lowered.

I watched "Ugly Betty." Cute, as usual, with just enough pathos to keep the diabetic coma at bay.

I watched "Grey's Anatomy." If the camera adds 10 pounds, is Ellen Pompeo actually inverted in real life? How skinny can a human being be? Amazingly, the swing on her porch that hadn't swung since she was little looks like it was just put there yesterday. You'd think Seattle weather would wreak some havoc on wood.

(Had to step away from this to settle a day-long grammar debate. Ah, the life of a writer.)

So then I started to watch "October Road," the latest beautiful-people offering from ABC. The show opens in the year 1997. OK, I could overlook the fact that an early Boston tune was used in that scene. No one says the music has to tie in perfectly to the time being portrayed. But the show lost me in a hurry when the main character, who left home for six weeks 10 years ago, a first-time novelist suffering from writer's block on his second book, gets a call from his editor who wants him to be a last-minute replacement for a one-day intensive seminar about "Writing the Novel" in his hometown because John Irving had to drop out.

John Irving. I'm supposed to believe that in the entire literary universe, Hometown College managed to attract John Irving for a seminar (OK, that's fine; I have many books signed by him on my bookshelf in the next room; my cousin knows him; I hear he's a good guy) but when he has to drop out at the last minute, the next writer on the list is Mr. I Just Published My First Novel?

Yeah, later, "October Road." Little Miss Literal has a blog entry to write instead.


Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Amazingly, the swing on her porch that hadn't swung since she was little looks like it was just put there yesterday. You'd think Seattle weather would wreak some havoc on wood.
And c'mon. All those doctors in that house and they couldn't figure out that old pop put a bolt in the swing?

9:03 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

No kidding.

But then we wouldn't have had the "sweet moment between estranged father and daughter."

: o )

9:07 AM  
Blogger Markbnj said...

Did you know that Tom Wopat (yes, the Duke's of hazard Alum) also has a CD of standards, and has actually been on the Jonathan Schwartz Weekend show on WNYC-Fm (and XM) on Sat/Sun 12-4PM? (they dont simulcast online because XM broadcasts it), so you might not be able to hear it.

Jonathan LOVED Tom's album and plays cuts upon occassion

Btw, is there anywhere/how I can download an MP3 of you (voice dear, I am quite married!)

markb in nj

9:17 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Yes, Mark, all the best ones are.

Married, that is.

Not sure yet how to make the tunes available when they're finished. I need to figure out how "normal" people can post music on their MySpace pages, perhaps.

Thanks for the interest!

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

OMG! I was thinking exactly the same thing when October Road opened with that Boston song and "1997" at the bottom of the screen! But I guess it was better than the '97 chart-topping "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

That's funny, Heidi!

Yeah, the message of the song fit the scene, even if the era was way off. By like, what, 20 years?

9:31 AM  

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