Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Singing, The Day After The Morning After ...

The subhed of my blog is "As a writer and singer, I am finding my way through words." Well, the fact that I write every day (or almost every day) pretty much covers the writing side of things, but the singing doesn't get much virtual ink here unless I'm recording, which is silly, because I sing all the time. I just don't write about it.

But I've been flying ever since my session Monday night. (Is this what a runner's high feels like? I wouldn't know. I don't run unless chased. I like the idea of running, but the reality of running is a let down. Maybe someday, my body will like it and my knees won't protest.)

Last night, I poked around my CD collection in search of more material. Most of the songs that I've sung so far are slow. Some are smoky. Some are sweet. But I looked for some up-tempo tunes. Time to demonstrate that the girl can rock, I reckon.

(OOOOOOH, I just had a fun idea. Damn, I love when that happens. Hold on, I gotta go dig out the tune and try it on. Why is it not in my iTunes?! OK, I found it. But, hmm maybe it's not the right choice. Unless I edit this cut from the CD I give to my mom and dad. 'Hella Good' and the heavy breathing might be a bit weird for my father.)

I thought I might like to do something with a bit of a country twinge, so I grabbed my Bonnie Raitt discs. Not that Bonnie's country country, but her tunes were worth a run-through. And sure enough, I found one I liked. And sure enough, it's slow.

But she'll play well alongside the k.d. lang tune. Ordering this disc is gonna be a hoot. There are several distinct genres, but then, the unifying element is my voice, so I guess they'll all play well together in the end.

But I'm always open to suggestions, too. In addition to k.d. and Bonnie, I'm drawn to singing tunes from the likes of Annie Lennox and Beth Nielsen Chapman and Dana Glover (check out "Rain"; Doreen turned me onto her; I dig her sound; and she's annoyingly beautiful) and KT Tunstall and Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin and Tracy Chapman. Maybe Stevie Nicks. You know, that kind of feel, real music, not, say, Britney Spears and all that hyper-production.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which Bonnie Raitt song? "I can't make you love me?" I love that song, I love singing that song. So sad-sniff.

10:09 AM  

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