Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Lost' Loyalty? ...

Is it me?

When "Lost" debuted, I was blown away. Sucked in, every week, glued to my television, fascinated by the balance of island life and flashbacks. Sawyer. Woof. Locke. Woof. (Yeah, I have a thing for older guys. Always have.) What the hell was going on? Polar bears? Weird shadowy creatures? What's that hatch thing?

And then Season 2. The Dharma Initiative? The Others? The button? And the season's cliffhanger: Guys in some Arctic substation talking on the phone to some blonde chick we'd never seen before, telling her they'd found him? Wha?!

And then the beginning of Season 3. There's a happy little community on the island? People baking muffins and hosting book clubs? What the heck in the neck is that about?

And then "Lost" went away until February. And ABC practically had a heart attack promoting the hell out of the return - "all new episodes, no repeats!"

And I'm like, "Meh."

I still watch every week, but the fervor's gone. My "Lost" mania has waned. And clearly, I'm not alone, as the ratings for the show have dipped.

What gives, man? Is it our collective ADHD mindset? Are we too quick to wander off to the next thing? I'm still geeked about "Grey's Anatomy" every week, and that's just a plain ol' medical drama/soap opera. I'm not all swoony over any of the men. I mean, OK, McSteamy wears the hell out of a towel, but I liked Denny the most, and he's dead, and there are only so many "Meredith is hovering between life and death" moments in which to bring him back to the show, right?

Ethan has gotten me hooked on "Heroes," which he describes as the anti-"Lost." The pace of "Heroes" is certainly quicker. Every week moves the story along at a satisfying pace.

I'm pretty patient when it comes to good storytelling. I happily tuned into "Alias" every week during the whole Rambaldi storyline. And "Alias" had all the cool disguises for Sydney and kick-ass music, but also nifty interpersonal nailbiters: Could we really trust Sloan? Was he repentant or a sociopath? Could Irina really be such a cold-hearted bitch? The great thing about "Alias" was that you could safely assume that whatever you thought just happened was just a set up. Nothing on that show was ever as it seemed.

Which seemed to be the case with "Lost," too. But every week, it's harder for me to care.

Update: OK, tonight's show's almost over and I just said, "WOW!" out loud. It got me. Maybe it's hitting its stride again. We'll see how the rest of the season goes.


Blogger Marc said...

Pace - actually lack of any faster than glacial - is part of the problem. But the biggest issue is that the writers/producers seem to be making it up as they go. Well into the 3rd season and there still is no discernible feeling that there's an overall storyline and plot sequence.
[Disclaimer: I don't watch it at all - it was never able to hook me (especially 'cause of the damned flashbacks and back stories)- but I'm usually around when it's on and my SO is watching.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Alias... I LOVED that show! Boy do I miss it... why can't we get another Alias? That show was the best.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Markbnj said...

Woot!!! "and the lady says,and I quote" (Yeah, I have a thing for older guys. Always have.)"

Whee... Well I'm your guy dear-heart.
Except....well I'm in NJ, and you're in the... Midwest??!
and, of course the fact that I AM married....

Oh well

Markb in nj

9:31 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

And, Mark, by your profile photo, you are also, apparently, really Opus.

Which lends a whole 'nother level of complication to any potential relationship between us.

: o )

Not that I'm penguin-ist, mind you.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous girl and dog said...

My boyfriend and I were wondering how in the world are they ever going to tie up all the loose ends in Lost. Or are they just going to pull the plug one day when the ratings fall low enough, and leave us all hanging?

8:20 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Yeah, you gotta wonder. The creators say they know where the story is going. I guess we're supposed to believe that it's so intricate that we can't see the big picture yet.

Time'll tell, I guess.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

How could anyone possibly know where this stuff is going? Thing is, there are just too many characters on Lost. I used to be a huge fan too, but really, it's an obligation and a chore keeping up with it these days.

And for someone who spent years out-thinking federal authorities, Kate sure has turned into an idiot in her time on the island. All she can say any more is "Jack!" punctuated occasionally with "We've got to save him!" At least she's still totally hot.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Mikeachim said...

Interesting case, Lost.
Enormously convoluted and serialised. Absolutely requires fanatical attention-spans to keep up with every plot twist. All these things are anathema to the big networks. (Discuss!).
But....Lost is into dangerous territory. Pretty soon now, the writers are going to have to start tying things together. And if they don't do a great job.....*wince*.
I should plug Battlestar Galactica here, by the way. Plug plug.
I wonder how far ABC is prepared to go with Lost? Considering their recent habit of convulsively pulling shows that underperform (Day Break, Invasion etc.)?

7:53 PM  

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