Saturday, March 10, 2007

Go Forth And Be Amused ...

I read somewhere recently that this whole blogging craze has crested, that we're now on the downward slide. Apparently, all those bazillions of blogs that are being created every day are all ads for fake Rolexes and penis pumps as opposed to actual musings by those who may or may not have muse-worthy thoughts.

Of course, I'm sure I read this revelation not on a blog but on a "legitimate news site" fronted by the "mainstream media." Of course (again), the mainstream media is probably just grumpy because it has to write what passes for news these days while we non-MSMers can bloat cyberspace with ramblings about our cats.

Luckily - for you - I do not own a cat.

Not now. Not ever. I am - and shall remain - 100% cat-free. (Yep, I took the time to create the "No Cat" symbol.)

But cats are not my point. Oh, no. Tonight, the topic at hand is ... Chinese people.

I've never been to China. I'd like to go. Eat some food. See the wall. But this post, while being not about cats, is also not about my experiences with fine Chinese folk. No, this post exists almost solely to point you to this post, written by my cyberpal Mike across the pond in a land called York, which, I'm guessing, is the original York, and so settlers to this land had to settle for naming their big city New York, so's people would know the difference.

You gotta love them Brits. They're funny. Except maybe the Queen. She doesn't seem like much of a jokester. Though this photo would make you think otherwise, wouldn't it? Lizzy seems mighty amused about somethin'. Maybe she's amused that she's wearing the family jewels on her head. Nah, she's too refined for a double entendre like that. Or is she?

But never let it be said that the royals aren't living in the now. I just Googled "Queen Elizabeth" and the very first hit says, "Welcome to the official web site of the British Monarchy." FYI, Buckingham Palace has a summer job program if you'll be looking for something to do. Maybe you'll get paid in crumpets.


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