Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whither Stars? ...

So the new crop of "Dancing with the Stars" contestants have been announced, but the announcement begs the question: Do these people count as "stars"?

Shouldn't it be titled "Dancing with People You've Heard Of"?

What defines a "star"?

If this show featured George Clooney and Justin Timberlake, hell, even Britney if she had her act together, I'd call them stars, but some of these people? If the news reports didn't tell me who they were, I wouldn't have known, which seems like a pretty good litmus test for stardom: If you're not a household name, you're not a star.

The list:

Heather Mills: She's famous for being married to Sir Paul. Sure, she's done good charity work, but if she hadn't married Paul, you wouldn't know about her.

Laila Ali: She kicks ass in the boxing ring, but her name recognition comes from her dad.

Billy Ray Cyrus: He had a big country hit and a stint as a TV doctor and his daughter is on the Disney Channel.

Clyde Drexler: Great basketball player, but he's not Michael Jordan. MJ counts as a star.

Joey Fatone: 'NSync is 'nover.

Shandi Finnessey: Former beauty queen. I'd never heard of her until today, but then, I don't follow the beauty queen circuit much.

Leeza Gibbons: Talk-show and infomercial host.

Apolo Ono: Olympian.

Vincent Pastore: Actor on The Sopranos.

Paulina Porizkova: '80s supermodel and, so L.A. Dave tells me, actress in idependent films.

Ian Ziering: Beverly Hills 90210 dude.


Anonymous Jay said...

Paulina, in addition to being the '80s supermodel that adorned so many dorm rooms down at the U of I, is also the wife of Cars former frontman Ric Ocasek, Beth. I believe they have been married since the '80s. Gives guys like me hope! lol

7:24 AM  

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