Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Favorite Chef ...

Kristen writes, one of my daily must-read blogs. (She writes regularly, as - ahem! - all good bloggers should.) Today's post, "5 facts about me," ended with a reference to Jacques Pepin. Ah, Kristen and I are Jacques Pepin soulmates. (I headed over to his site to grab a picture and am charmed by the selection of press photos. His site also features video demonstrations for lots of kitchen basics. Learn from a master.)

I've always had a thing for Jacques: maybe it's his accent or the way he finishes most of his sentences with "you know" or his insane level of skill in the kitchen. Women, after all, really dig men who cook. For that matter, women really dig men who try to cook. You don't have to be a professional chef, you just have to try. It's endearing. But I digress.

He can be a perfectionist in the kitchen, but that's one of the things I like about him. Sometimes, "good enough" just isn't good enough, and when it comes to preparing food for people I love, they deserve my best effort.

Poking around the cookbook section of Borders one day, I ran across Jacques' memoir. I usually read the first page of a book to decide whether I'd like to read it. Standing there in the store, I must have read 10 pages. It's captivating. He's a terrific writer. I didn't buy the book then, but it's on my list for "someday." Why is it that someone who can do one thing really well can usually do a lot of things really well?


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