Friday, February 23, 2007

McDonald's Latest ...

I was hungry.

But I'm trying to eat better, which pretty much rules out many of the offerings at fast-food joints. And I don't cotton to paying upwards of $6 for a grilled chicken sandwich, a side salad, and a drink at Wendy's, especially since its swapped out the slightly spicy sauce it was using for something that tastes like watered-down honey mustard.

So as I was tooling along in my car, steering in the direction of food options, I remembered the new McDonald's Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap. Yeah, that's it, I thought. That and a side salad. Fast food but not.

I ordered, I payed, I received, I drove home. I took my Snack Wrap out of the bag. It felt pretty light. Not that it was supposed to feel like a shotput, but shouldn't it, oh, feel like there was something in it? I unwrapped my Snack Wrap and then unfolded it to inspect the contents. And gee, there was a piece of chicken in it, I kid you not, about the size of my index finger. A few shreds of lettuce. A few shreds of cheese. Seriously? This cost $1.29. A McChicken sandwich is $1. A less-healthy option, yet it has something resembling a very small chicken breast on its bun.

And so, I've dubbed the McDonald's Snack Wrap the Snack Crap and cut out yet another fast-food option for myself. Which, really, is a good thing, as I shouldn't be eating that stuff anyway.

L.A. Dave suggested the TenderRoast sandwich at KFC. Ooh, yeah, that sounded like a good idea. Until I checked the nutrition information online.

McDonald's McChicken: 360 calories
KFC TenderRoast: 430 calories
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger: 440 calories

As Jack Bauer would say, "Dammit!"

On a somewhat-related topic, Ethan and I have become treadmill buddies. We report on our progress (speed, duration, etc.) on a semi-regular basis, if by semi-regular you mean "whenever we think to ask each other." During an IM convo the other day, he mentioned that he found an online calculator to figure out his daily caloric intake, figuring he should be eating the body he wants, not the body he has. Smart guy, that Ethan.

So I found this tool and plugged in my stats, both what I think might be my current weight (I don't own a scale) and what I think I might like to weigh, and was really startled by the numbers. Even to maintain my goal weight, I'd need to consume nearly 2,700 calories a day? That's madness. Isn't it?

That's 10.4 Snack Craps.


Anonymous Ethan said...

"Even to maintain my goal weight, I'd need to consume nearly 2,700 calories a day? That's madness. Isn't it?"

The online tool that I used explained that depending on your size, activity level, etc, you need X amount of calories just to keep the lights on and water running, as it were. Personally, I'm not concerned with the quantity of calories. If it takes, say, 10,000 calories to maintain my current state, then that's how it is. According to the online tool, I'd still need in the neighborhood of 3500-4000 calories/day depending on my activity level - and that's assuming a weight of 220lbs spread out over 6'5".

For some real fun, some day (just for one day) chart out everything you eat, and include all of the info on the nutrition facts label. It's interesting not only to count calories (for yuks), but also see if you're eating mostly carbs, fat, sugars, or protein.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Personally, if I'm going to McDonalds, I'm not coming out with anything less than a Double Quarterpounder! Otherwise, might as well go to Subway. Or have a yogurt.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

"there was a piece of chicken in it, I kid you not, about the size of my index finger." I'm surprised there wasn't an actual index finger in it.

1:43 PM  

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