Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dream Come True ...

Sometime, last week perhaps, I was watching Oprah.

One of her guests, not a movie star or a recording star or a politician but just an everyday gal, sat across from Oprah on the set, talking about whatever it was she was talking about. Teary-eyed, at the end of the segment, she told Oprah that it was her life's dream to meet her.

Oprah, of course, is accustomed to hearing that, as much as any mere mortal can be accustomed to being worshipped so. But without skipping a beat, she said, "Now you'll get a bigger dream."

Because there's always a bigger dream.

Today, I received the most miraculous e-mail.

One of my very dear friends sent word (and pictures) that her daughter has arrived from Korea. She and her husband had been waiting and waiting. In November, many of us gathered for a baby shower. I've been excited the entire time, but it didn't yet feel quite real. Their daughter was on the other side of the world, waiting to be granted a passport. A few weeks ago, they got word that she would be arriving a little sooner than anticipated. Today, the e-mail came.

She's here.

I, being a sap, started to cry.

Becoming a parent: There is no bigger dream.

For me, anyway. And for them. And for many.

So what are the dreams after the arrival of the bundle of joy? The dream of her health and happiness? The dream of a life full of love? The dream of a future filled with family and friends?

Good dreams for her. Good dreams for all of us.

A few years ago, I reconnected with the brother of a friend from my Tribune days. It was only briefly, just one conversation. But it was one of those conversations that resonated loud and clear, just the right message at just the right moment. And it all boiled down to a simple question: "In this moment, are you OK?"

His point was, no matter what may lie in wait for us outside our doors - issues with money or relationships or careers - the answer to the question "In this moment, am I OK?" is almost always "Yes." And since all we really have is right this minute, we're more OK than we realize.

My friends, of course, are more OK than OK.

And I couldn't be happier for them. It's not every day you get word of a dream come true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for them!! It would be great for this little girl to someday read your blog and know how truly special she is, how many people wanted her here and how much happiness her soul brought into the world. Thanks for sharing (I'm such a big sap too!) ~Gretchen

8:57 AM  

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