Sunday, January 21, 2007

Woot! ...

I'm not a huge football fan, but I started watching the Bears game earlier and then had to run a few errands and I LISTENED TO THE GAME IN MY CAR.

At home, with my car in the garage, I waited for a break in the action before scooting into the house to turn on the TV and just watched them clinch the NFC.

Twenty-one years ago, for Super Bowl XX, Tracy and I watched the game in her parents' apartment in Calumet City. At the half, we went to Jade Tree to get Chinese food. I have no idea where her parents were that day.

Twenty-one years ago. Sheesh.

It would have been a cool-as-hell Cinderella story for New Orleans to make it to the Super Bowl this year, but the Bears are goin' to Miami!

Almost makes the desecration of Soldier Field worth it.


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