Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who Knew? ...

J-D, my hair architect, says I have wavy hair.

And he's right, of course.

But today was a whole new hair experiment.

After he put in some sunnier color (I'm heading toward blonde again, in honor of the arrival of spring) and he did his cutting magic, he dried my hair with a diffuser, to keep the wave intact.

And then he used his super-special, secret-agent curling iron to curl my hair and then he fluffed it up with some kind of hair powder and wow, I had serious movie-star hair going on.

I picked Dave up on our way to lunch. Dave always notices my hair. He's that kind of guy. (No, not gay. Attentive.)

"Wow," he said when he got in the car.

"J-D felt like curly today," I said. "I don't really have any say in what he does. Today, curly. But it'll be straight by the end of the day."

Except, it's not.

I can't take a picture that adequately conveys the curliness, but it looks pretty much like it did nearly 12 hours ago.

Maybe this cold weather is good for something after all.


Blogger Dave said...


L.A. Dave likes, very much! :)


Verification word: pwrmnib (Hindi for "poofy")

12:45 AM  
Blogger Markbnj said...


Another Wow'd (and pleased) reader in NJ


not only beautiful, but even sexy and windblown:
(Think Chicago Winters!)

Nice job, make sure that J-D gets all our compliments!

and stop by the Automagic Poetry Machine

for a customized poem for you.


7:50 AM  

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