Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Walking In Place ...

Today is Day 7 of treadmill heaven. It was delivered last week (by two guys who appeared to be German, one of whom was quite tall and reminded me a lot of G) and set up in about 10 minutes. They showed up nearly an hour early. So much for delivery windows. Glad I was home.

Now, logically, my treadmill should go in the basement. My basement is finished, so it would be a nice environment in which to walk. It's not like I'd be treadmilling next to the furnace, amid cinder-block walls. But basements, you may have noticed, don't have very high ceilings most of the time. The deck of the treadmill is at least six inches off the floor, which means that treadmill + basement = Beth's head touching the ceiling. Which also means I could never use the incline settings. So, not wanting to cut a hole in my basement ceiling for my head to pop through (which my brother did in his basement for his elliptical machine - but his basement isn't finished), my new baby had to reside on the main floor.

But where? Both bedrooms were out. Ditto the living room and kitchen and dining room. Which left the TV room. Which is a very nice room, with bookshelves and a fireplace. Plenty of ceiling height in there. But you know what?

This treadmill is kinda huge.

It didn't look quite so big in the big store, but in a small space? Big.

I didn't get a foldable treadmill because the fitness guy, Todd, didn't recommend them, and really, who am I kidding? I'm the kind of person who sometimes leaves my luggage by the front door for a week after a trip. Like I was really going to fold up my treadmill and put it away every day? No, I was going to leave it set up for walking the next day.

So he steered me toward the higher-end treadmills (as any good salesman would do), and once I was on it, I was sold. It's so solid. And hey, the Chicago Bears use these treadmills (though I'm sure they have the super-duper models). But mostly, I dig the fact that every inch of this thing comes with a 10-year maintenance-free warranty. Yup, don't do a damn thing for 10 years except walk. If anything goes wrong, someone comes out and fixes it for me.

I made room for it before the delivery guys arrived and have since put the room back in order, but what I really need to do is swap out couches between the basement and the TV room, as the one in the basement is smaller and the one in the TV room is larger.

So my basement will, at long last, become a space I use on a regular basis for lounging, and my TV room, with the bookshelves and fireplace, will become my de facto exercise room with plenty of floor space where I can start learning the yoga moves on those DVDs I bought a few months ago.

It's 18 degrees outside right now. No way I'd be going for a walk this morning in the freshly fallen snow. But I'll happily don my bouncy shoes and walky pants and red wife-beater tee (thanks, Doreen!) and spend an hour walking in place, rolling my eyes at morning-news segments and bidding my butt goodbye.


Anonymous Doreen said...

back to the color topic again ... LOL ... I think it may be in the magenta family :) I am glad you are enjoying it!

9:11 AM  

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